The St. Vincent Parrot

The St. Vincent Parrot is a rare species native to the islands. You might be lucky enough to see one while enjoying the spectacular Botannical Gardens, or while enjoying a leisurely hike on the beautiful Vermont Nature Trails.

Found only in St. Vincent, the Amazona guildingii is roughly sixteen to eighteen inches long, with a white, yellow, and violet head. The neck is mostly green and the body plumage is a tawny brown-gold. The wings are variegated, and the tail is green, blue, and tipped with yellow.

Other species found here include the black hawk, the cocoa thrush, the crested hummingbird, the red-capped green tanager, green heron, and several others.

This unique creature is the national bird of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The rare parrot cannot be exported legally. The birds at the Botannical Gardens were confiscated from collectors, and are sucessfully breeding in captivity. While this rare native species’ numbers were dangerously low in the recent past, they are making a comeback. Conservation efforts and Governmental Regulation have contributed to a resurgence in their population in the wild. Another rare native bird, the Whistling Warbler can be spotted on occasion, along with many other species.