Union Island

Forty miles from St. Vincent is Union Island, a picturesque island with dramatic peaks. Mt. Parnassus soars 900 feet from the sea; a summit guarding entry to the southern Grenadines.

Union Island, a 2100-acre mountainous island and hub of the southern Grenadines, is the stopping point for yachtsmen and visitors heading to the smaller Grenadines. Union Island has it’s own airport, with regularly scheduled flights in and out of the island on Mustique Airways, SVG Air, LIAT, Air Martinique, and Inter-Island Air Services thus allowing easy and frequent connections to other international airlines in Barbados, St. Lucia and Grenada. Mustique Airways & St. Vincent Airways operate Charters services.

Clifton Harbor, the main town at the harbor shown here, is small and commercial. Clifton and the other small town, Ashton, are joined by a small road with an unforgettable view over a coral shelf.


Union Island was a plantation owned by the Richards family, which was divided up among the inhabitants in 1911 into four and six acre plots. Now Union Island has an airport with commercial flights, and is the southern point of entry for customs clearance for yachts.

Easterval is an event held during the Easter in Union Island. The festivities always include a variety of boat races, sports and games, a calypso competition, a beauty pageant and great cultural shows, and of course great food.

Watersports are popular here. Union Island and the Southern Grenadines have some of the best beaches, anchorages, fishing and diving grounds and sailing waters in the country. Dive Anchorage on Union Island offers diving and a wide range of water sports. They also offer trips to other islands from Union Island.

There are several beachfront inns, all with a simple, relaxed atmosphere, as well as three (3) hotels: The Clifton Beach Hotel, The Sunny Grenadines, and the Anchorage Hotel. Both the Anchorage Hotel and the Sunny Grenadines offer services to yachtsmen. The Anchorage Hotel is probably the most posh of the three and has a distinctly French flavor in language and cuisine. From this island Paris is accessible in one day via Fort de France.

The Clifton Beach Hotel is an old-style hotel with most of the rooms upstairs in a large building. Down below they have a bar, snack bar, and an open restaurant built by a fish pool overlooking the harbor.

The Sunny Grenadines Hotel is set by the waterfront in a garden of palms and flowers. The rooms are comfortable and overlook the harbor. This hotel is also a charter yacht center, and day trips of all kinds can be arranged. There are two other apartments/guest houses; The Cays Apartments and the Lambi’s Guest House.

The Catholic Church sits on a hillside with a magnificent view of Frigate Island, on the southeast coast of Union Island. Church life plays an important role in the lives of Union Islanders.

The Big Drum Dance Usually performed in a festive manner, this dance is a special feature of Union Island. It is done in times of disaster as well as during joyous occasions like weddings and boat launchings. This dance is derived from a mixture of old French and African traditions.